Excited about new things from Specialized

The new Specialized Sequoia is a new incarnation of an old favorite. Some loved the older versions some hated the look. They crossed the world of touring bike and drop bar hybrid. The new ones are pretty to look at, for sure. Its unusual to see steal in the Specialized line up again, they now have 2 model with steel frames (not including a special release allez), thanks to a character named Eric Nolan. I don’t think that I am the only one that is pumped about what he is bringing to the big red S. Some people think its strange that they are bringing this to the market a little late in the game, but they seem to do the research before releasing a bike to the public. Along with the Sequoia they are releasing some new adventure baggage, and a new tire.sequia

Bikepacking.com has a great write up about the new offerings.  Specialized-Sequoia_2

As great as the bike looks, I think I still want an AWOL over this.

Shop Mountain Bike Ride2 2016

Shop Mountain Bike Ride!!

March 17 2016 we are going to be meeting up at Whypass, directions can be found at the Disciples of Dirt web site, http://disciplesofdirt.org/directions-whypass. We will be meeting up at the pile. All welcome! beginner and intermediate levels. No one left behind.
Call for details…

Shop Mountain Bike Ride!!


March 12 2015 we are going to be meeting up at Whypass, directions can be found at the Disciples of Dirt web site, http://disciplesofdirt.org/directions-whypass. We will be meeting up at the pile, and riding at an easy beginners pace, if you want to go faster you’re more than welcome come along and rip. We are planning to make friends and get dirty at some great local trails. Falling Sky Brewery, http://fallingskybrewing.com/, will be hosting us after the ride for food, drinks, and commiserating. The first couple Thursday rides will probably be short since it will be getting dark early, but as the day lengthens we hope to ride for a couple hours. We hope to see you out there.

fitting a bicycle

Bike sizing Vs. Bike fitting

There is a huge difference between sizing a bicycle and fitting a bicycle.

Most reputable shops can size a bike. It takes a trained technician to fit a bike.Sizing, is choosing a frame based on height and length. Fitting looks at what makes you, you.  It accounts for your physical structure, any imbalances, flexibility, or lack of, skeleton structure, symmetry, core strength, prior injuries, and learning about your goals. All this is important in fitting a bicycle.

Clothes off the rack don’t fit everyone the same. A tailor will adjust the clothes for the person. A fit technician will adjust the bicycle to best fit the person’s body. You shouldn’t have to adapt to the bicycle, the bicycle needs to adapt to you.

What will this do for you?

Common issues with riding are hands that hurt or go numb, seats can cause discomfort or pain in the soft tissue and/or sit bone area, wrist, neck elbow, and back discomfort, hot spots in the feet, and knee pain are all issues that can arise if the fit is not good. Of course the more miles you ride the more these might affect you. Not everyone who rides will have problems. Things to keep in mind:

1) If you start to feel discomfort, get a fit before it keeps you from enjoying the sport.

2) If you’re going to ride a lot, get a fit to give you more power and less chance of injury

3) What works now might not work later. Fitting is a snap shot in time. Well all change, our fit needs to change as we do.

Please see anyone of the staff here at Collins if there are any questions or concerns with your position on the bike.

Thank You,

Jay Loew

Certified fit technician

Weekly Rides

Monday: Fat Guy Ride @ 5:45pm @ Collins

This is a 21 mile loop with a short climb at the start. This is a NO DROP RIDE! The average speed is 14-15 mph with 5 short sprints for those who want a little more of a workout.

Tuesday: Fox Hollow and Mcbeth hill climb @5:45 @ Collins

This ride will go through the month of March and will then turn into the Hutchs Bicycles McBeth Hill Climb T.T.

Wednsday: MTB on Ridgeline @5:45 @ Collins

Super fun single speed and Cyclocross friendly trail system. 4 mi. pavement ride to trailhead.

Thursday: Thursday Nighter @ 5:30 @ the corner of Lorane and Baileyhill

Super fast race pace ride with alot of cat. 1 & 2 riders. This is a DROP  RIDE! 25 mi. loop with an average speed of 25mph.

Friday: Mckenzie View @ 5:45 @ Collins

27-35 mi. at a steady tempo. Average speed is 17-19 mph with some re-grouping.

No weekend rides at this point!

The Original Jay Loew

I’m Jay Loew, partner and general manager of Oregon Bicycle Sports.I have been here for over 20 years and have never once got up in the morning and said “Crap, I have to go to work today.”dscf0862.jpg I have the privilege of working for this company and it’s the best job in the world.I enjoy working with other people who are passionate about bicycles and improving people’s lives through the wondrous invention we call the bicycle. It’s a dream job.The best part of being me is my wife Laurie and my 2 step children Connor and McKenna. 14 and 12. They are the center of my life.We as a family enjoy family bike rides of course, wake boarding, skiing, martial arts,and movies. I love working with all the talented people that make up Oregon Bicycle Sports . It keeps me young and I feel I am making a real contribution to a positive way of life.