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Collins Springtime happenings..

Collins had a garage sale, with odds and ends that have been sitting around for to a couple years.  Most of it at 50% off, not everything sold, that means you can still come by and look for some treasures. We have shoes, clothing, stems, tires, and even some bicycles.

We are also gearing up for a great summer of riding, Saturday road rides leave the shop at 10 a.m. There is a group for every level of riding, so come on out and ride with us. Next Thursday will be our first mountain bike group ride out at Whypass, Bring a couple dollars for drinks and food after at, when we are tired and dirty.

We also restocked our panniers, so if your looking to commute this spring and summer come and chat with us.


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Shop Mountain Bike Ride!!

March 12 2015 we are going to be meeting up at Whypass, directions can be found at the Disciples of Dirt web site, We will be meeting up at the pile, and riding at an easy beginners pace, if you want to go faster you’re more than welcome come along and rip. We are planning to make friends and get dirty at some great local trails. Falling Sky Brewery,, will be hosting us after the ride for food, drinks, and commiserating. The first couple Thursday rides will probably be short since it will be getting dark early, but as the day lengthens we hope to ride for a couple hours. We hope to see you out there.

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Holiday Specials


Giant Escape 1 Medium, Interested in commuting or riding for fitness, this bike will do one or both with ease. It has an aluminum frame and carbon fork, plenty of room for fenders and places to mount racks if you would like.

trance 3

Trance 3 27.5 Large, This is a bike that can handle about anything you would through at it. Pick a trail any trail and this bike is gonna be the right bike for the job. 140mm of travel air sprung front and rear and on sale.


We have a couple Globe work 1 left in stock. This bike has bolt on wheels and and simple 7 speed drive train, this would make a great commuter bike, for a student. Get one while they last and get a u-lock and fenders for free.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as sale bikes go, we have tri bikes and road bike on sale also. We have apparel, including rain gear, compression, arm warmers and socks on sale. Come in and take a look. We would be happy to help you find a gift for you cyclist, or even yourself this holiday season

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fitting a bicycle

Bike sizing Vs. Bike fitting

There is a huge difference between sizing a bicycle and fitting a bicycle.

Most reputable shops can size a bike. It takes a trained technician to fit a bike.Sizing, is choosing a frame based on height and length. Fitting looks at what makes you, you.  It accounts for your physical structure, any imbalances, flexibility, or lack of, skeleton structure, symmetry, core strength, prior injuries, and learning about your goals. All this is important in fitting a bicycle.

Clothes off the rack don’t fit everyone the same. A tailor will adjust the clothes for the person. A fit technician will adjust the bicycle to best fit the person’s body. You shouldn’t have to adapt to the bicycle, the bicycle needs to adapt to you.

What will this do for you?

Common issues with riding are hands that hurt or go numb, seats can cause discomfort or pain in the soft tissue and/or sit bone area, wrist, neck elbow, and back discomfort, hot spots in the feet, and knee pain are all issues that can arise if the fit is not good. Of course the more miles you ride the more these might affect you. Not everyone who rides will have problems. Things to keep in mind:

1) If you start to feel discomfort, get a fit before it keeps you from enjoying the sport.

2) If you’re going to ride a lot, get a fit to give you more power and less chance of injury

3) What works now might not work later. Fitting is a snap shot in time. Well all change, our fit needs to change as we do.

Please see anyone of the staff here at Collins if there are any questions or concerns with your position on the bike.

Thank You,

Jay Loew

Certified fit technician

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Lynskey Custom TI For sale

Campy Super Record 11 Speed group, Campy Neutron wheelset, FSA carbon seatpost, Fizik Arione carbon seat,

Chris King headset, Deda Newton stem.

seat tube-60cm
Top tube-58cm

very low miles/ 3500.00
open to reasonable offers.

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Collins Cycle, Job fair

Collins Cycle Shop is Hosting a Job Fair

Collins Cycle Shop announced today that we will host a job fair for those interested in a career in the ever growing cycling industry. Employment opportunities include working in a bicycle shop, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, warehousing, mechanic school, independent sales representative, fabrication, design and more.

“We are very fortunate to have been in Eugene doing what we are passionate about for over 60 years. We are well aware of how hard it is for many of our residents to get work. Hosting this is just the right thing to do.” – Jay Loew, manager of Collins Cycle Shop.

The purpose of this event is to create a network for those interested in working in the cycling industry. Although there may not be immediate openings available, we will share resumes with employers seeking qualified help, i.e. the following:
Specialized Bicycles (Morgan Hill, CA); Giant Bicycles (Newbury Park, CA); Rolf Prima (Eugene, OR); Cyclone Bicycle Supply (Portland, OR); Seattle Bicycle Supply (Seattle, WA); Castelli Cycling Clothing (Portland, OR); Garmin (Salem, OR); KOKI bags (Hood River, OR); J&B West coast.

Those interested in job opportunities are encouraged to submit their resume to onsite HR staff, on Sunday, February 26th from 1pm-5pm. Live music provided, courtesy of Skip Jones.

Bicycles and other merchandise will be relocated temporarily in order to accommodate space for this event at Collins Cycle Shop, 60 E. 11th Avenue, Eugene. Sales will resume on February 27.

For more information, call Jay Loew at 541-342-4878

Facebook friends we need your help!
We are working hard to make this job fair as successful as possible. For that, we need you to share this information on to all your friends. We want to get jobs for as many people as we can. It’s totally free and can make a huge difference for your neighbors. They need to know about it first.
Please spread the word! Thanks!
-Collins Crew…

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26” wheel mountain bike or 29”

Most of the time in life, bigger is better. We will focus in mountain bike wheels.
There is a big trend (excuse the intended pun) in the mountain bike community to the bigger wheel bikes known as 29’r. Why? Is this a better wheel size and should you jump on board? The short answer is maybe….

There are several big (yeah intended…) reasons to use the 29er. There are also some reasons to why a 26er may be the right bike.

1)    The bigger wheel means a bigger tire and that gives you a bigger contact patch on the trail. That gives you more traction. More traction means more control and  better line management.
2)    Bigger the wheel means smaller the bump. Less fatigue on the body, the muscles
don’t work as hard, so you’re more efficient.
3)    The bigger wheel holds its momentum better, Which could be faster in some conditions.

1)    In tight switch backs the 26” wheel is easer to maneuver.

2)    For very large (heavy) folks the bigger wheel in general will have more flex, and not be quits as strong. Longer the spoke, the  weaker the wheel.  There might be exceptions to this but it holds true as a general statement.
3)    Shorter people will have trouble getting the seat position taller than the handle bars. Therefore they won’t be able to use their upper body strength as much and will have more weight on their sit bones and lose some stand over height.

So yeah, 29ers do some things well, and 26ers do some things well, too. .

The difference between the 29er riders and the 26er riders comes from differences in riding styles and preferred trail types.

If you ride aggressively on gnarly trails, bunny hopping rocks, hitting doubles, and finding the deep lines on technical trails, the 26er is, in most cases, still the bike you want. If you like to cruise, hit XC tracks, climb a lot, and flow through rollers, the 29er is more up your alley. And, incidentally, this portion of riders makes up a large part of industry sales, which is why so many 29ers are rolling around these days.
I hope this sheds some light on the different wheel mountain bikes. The best thing one can do is get out and ride.
Feel free to call or come into Collins cycle shop to talk more about these bikes or any questions. Thanks for reading and happy trails to you.

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Collins cycle basic maintenance and repair classes

This course is designed to give you the skills you need to take care of your bike. You will learn how to repair flat tires, how and when to do routine maintenance. How to make shifting and brake adjustments. You will also learn how to assess your bike for major repairs, preform safety checks, and comfort adjustments. By the end of this course you will feel confident that you can perform repairs or adjustments on the side of the road or at home. The course is split into two classes, two hours on Saturday and three hours Sunday.

Sat. Jan 7th – Sun Jan 8th
Sat. Jan 21st – Sun Jan 22nd
Sat Feb 4th -Sun Feb 5th
Sat Feb 18th -Sun Feb 19th y



$50 – prepayment required, Cash or check, no card


Deireck Ritter

Shop 541-342-4878

Cell 541-517-6205


Collins cycle shop 60 E. 11th Ave. Eugene

Please give us a call with any questions, and to get signed up.

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A gift for the cyclist who has everything



The  Edge 200 extremely easy to use. There’s no setup required — just pop it onto the included bike mount and you’re ready to roll. You even can use it on multiple bikes.

Bring new life to every ride with Edge 200. This GPS-enabled cycling computer tracks time, distance, speed, location and calories burned. The Edge 200 is ideal for training, everyday and touring rides or any adventure you want to relive later at Garmin Connect™ our free website for data analysis, mapping and sharing.


Edge 200 features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix® satellite prediction to calculate your position faster. That means when you turn it on outdoors, it finds satellites quickly so you can get on with your ride. It also alerts you if you’re moving but the timer is not running. Edge 200 has an Auto Pause feature so it will stop the timer when you’re not moving, then restart automatically when you’re rolling again. You also can set alerts for distance, time or calories to make it easier and more fun to achieve your goals.

How Far and How Fast

Whether you ride for fun, fitness or to feed your competitive edge, you’ll love seeing how far and how fast you rode. Having this data at your fingertips provides motivation and inspiration to keep you going. Edge 200 stores up to 130 hours of ride data and sorts your activities so you can quickly look up the fastest, longest or last ride.

Challenge Me

Edge 200 helps you bring new life to old rides with Courses, a feature that lets you challenge your times on previous rides. A digital cyclist shows your speed relative to your past performance, along with an indication of how far ahead or behind you are. You also can download rides from other Garmin Connect users for a virtual competition.

Garmin Connect

Join a worldwide network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts at Garmin Connect. Once your ride is done, upload it to the site to see the path you traveled on a map, analyze it, share it and view more detail like elevation. Use Garmin Connect’s new Course Creator feature to plan new rides or convert a past activity into a Course.


Sharpen your cycling performance with Edge 500, a lightweight GPS-based cycling computer for performance-driven cyclists. Loaded with data, Edge 500 tracks your distance, speed, location and elevation with high sensitivity GPS. Add an ANT+™ compatible heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor or compatible power meter for a finely-tuned analysis of your ride.

Jumpstart Your Training

The Edge 500 attaches easily to the stem or handlebars of your bike with its low-profile bike mount. The Edge attaches easily to the mount with a simple quarter-turn. When you’re ready to ride, just power on your Edge, acquire GPS satellites and go. Edge 500 features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix® satellite prediction to calculate your position faster.

Get the Data You Need

During your ride, Edge 500 measures your speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent, and records this data for your review. For extra-precise climb and descent data, Edge 500 also incorporates a barometric altimeter to pinpoint changes in elevation.

All Edge 500 versions work with third-party ANT+-enabled power meters to display your power output in watts as you ride. This valuable data shows you how hard you’re working, regardless of conditions affecting your ride, so you can train smarter. Some versions also ship with a digital heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor.

Other helpful training features include a Courses feature, which helps you compare successive rides over the same route, as well as Auto Pause, Auto Lap and temperature readings. Edge also alerts you if you’re moving, but the timer is not running.

Track Your Heart Rate

When paired with a Garmin heart rate monitor, Edge 500 tracks heart beats per minute and uses your heart rate for advanced calorie computation, so you know how many calories you’re burning. Train in a certain heart-rate zone to improve your fitness level or compare your pace and heart rate to past performance over the same ride.

Analyze Your Ride

Once your ride’s done, connect Edge 500 to your computer with the included USB cable to analyze your performance. With a simple click, you can join a worldwide network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts through Garmin Connect™, a one-stop site for data analysis and sharing.


Make the most of every ride with Edge® 800 — the first touchscreen GPS bike computer. Providing navigation and performance monitoring, Edge 800 is ideal for touring, commuting, competitive cycling and mountain biking. It has a built-in basemap and tracks your distance, speed, location and ascent/descent. Use it with an ANT+™ heart rate monitor¹, speed/cadence sensor¹ or compatible power meter² for a finely tuned analysis of your ride.

At Your Fingertips

We designed this display to be rugged enough to stand up to the elements, yet sensitive enough to respond to the tap of your gloved hand. Switch training pages or pan and zoom the map with just a tap. The bright, sunlight-readable color display is easy to view in all lighting conditions. Just don’t let its good looks fool you — Edge 800 is waterproof to IPX7 standards and can withstand hard knocks and scrapes it might endure in mountain biking environments.

The aerodynamic Edge 800 has a carbon fiber look with either blue or white accents and attaches to the stem or handlebar of your bike with the low-profile mount. A quarter-turn mount design holds unit securely and lets you easily swap it between bikes using removable, reusable bands.

Know Where To Go

Whether your bike is a means of transportation or escape, having maps at your fingertips makes every journey easier and more fun. Edge 800 comes with a built-in basemap that shows major roads and cities, plus it’s compatible with our microSD™ cards packed with either street¹ or topo maps³. Select a destination and Edge 800 provides turn-by-turn navigation prompts on screen.

Edge 800 can also guide you along routes recorded by other cyclists. Explore our Garmin Connect™ site and choose from millions of rides uploaded by other users. Any activities you upload to your Edge 800 are stored as courses. You can follow the course with navigation prompts or, for a little competition, race it and try to beat previously set goals. You can also use Garmin’s free BaseCamp™ software or other applications to create a route, view elevation changes and other data, and then upload to Edge.

Edge 800 records your every move with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that stays locked on, even under tree cover. The receiver features HotFix® satellite prediction to calculate your position faster, plus it has automatic time zone adjustment.

Data, Any Way You Want It

Edge 800 tracks a bunch of data from your ride and lets you customize up to three training pages so you can see as much or as little data as you want. The barometric altimeter provides extra-precise climb and descent data and records temperature changes.

If you’re a performance cyclist, you can pair Edge 800 with a third-party ANT+ enabled power meter to display your power output in watts as you ride. This valuable data shows you how hard you’re working, regardless of conditions affecting your ride, so you can train smarter. Some versions of Edge 800 also come with a speed/cadence sensor and heart rate monitor.

Monitor Your Health

You also can track weight, body fat, body water and six other measurements when using the Edge 800 with the Tanita BC-1000 body composition scale. The readings are stored on Edget 800, then automatically sent to Garmin Connect when in range of your computer.

Training Tools

Need a little motivation to push your performance? See how you measure up to the Virtual Partner® — a digital depiction of your goal speed vs. your speed in real-time. Other training features include detailed workout planning, Auto Pause®, Auto Lap® and Courses, which helps you compare successive rides over the same route.

Analyze Your Ride

You logged the miles, now it’s time to review, replay and share your ride. Just upload your data to Garmin Connect™, our website for free data analysis and sharing. You can upload from your PC or Mac using the included USB cable. At Garmin Connect, you can see the route you traveled on a map, view a summary of your ride, create goals, share it with others and much more.

¹Included with some models, sold separately for others.

²When paired with optional ANT+™ power meter.

³Separate purchase required for detailed topo maps.


A GPS-enabled watch that measures time, pace and distance.

  • Heart rate-based calorie computation when paired with optional heart rate monitor
  • Easy to use with basic display of relevant data
  • Ready to go with virtually no setup required


GTU 10 is a GPS locator that combines a web-based tracking service with GPS technology so you can keep watch on children, pets and property. You can track your GTU 10 from our secure website using any computer or with the free Garmin Tracker™ app.









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Collins Holiday burrito drive “Feed The Need”

Over the summer we started talking about doing some community outreach.  Our goal was to help the community while promoting cycling. Because of our location downtown we knew right away we wanted to do something to help the local homeless population. What we came up with was a burrito drive. “Feed the Need”  was born. We would take donations in the shop, make burritos and have our customers, friends and family come by on their bikes to help distribute them. We had no idea we would get so much support. On our first run we made forty burritos, the second time we made over eighty.  Because of the overwhelming support from our friends and customers we are planning to feed over two hundred this holiday season. Our next Feed the Need will be Dec. 4th We will start handing out burritos at 11am at the bike shop. Fortunately we have had a great turnout to distribute burritos, with our increased volume we really need your help.  If you can take a little time on that Sunday to pay us a visit and grab a few burritos for a good cause we would greatly appreciate it.


Sun Dec 4th 11am.


Collins Cycle 60 E 11th ave. Eugene, OR


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