Posted by: collins cycle shop | November 17, 2008

2009 Specialized Roubaix Review


We all know prices seem to be going up and up. In fact, alot of products increase in price without any improvements. I guess no one told Specialized this.

Wow, the new 2009 Roubaix Comp is one improved machine. The frame has been
Re- engineered to get even more performance from carbon fiber than ever thought possible.

roubaix-htThe 2009 Roubaix has a new over sized fork that uses a 1 3/8 lower bearing for more stability and eats up more of the vibration that rattles you on other bikes.

The chain stays have been made even larger, and this makes a difference you can appreciate in the rigidity of the bike. You can feel the improved handling when you dive into corners with unmatched stability. More of roubaix-csyour power from the pedals goes into moving the bike forward. It’s uncanny how much acceleration you get from 1 or 2 strong pedal strokes. In short, this bike really moves.

The full carbon frame, and fork, and steer tube along with the dog leg seat stays with the zert technology makes this a bike to savor. ½ way into a 40, or 60 or even 100 mile ride/race, you will feel much fresher. That allows you to give more in the last ½ of the ride. How beneficial is that???

Pair this new frame with the 105 10 speed drive train for shifting reliability and performance and its a match make in heaven.

wheel-rs-10Equip ed with the ever fast and strong Shamino RS-10 wheel, the Specialized Roubaix Comp is not the most expensive Roubaix in the line,  but at $2600 it’s certainly one of the best values.
All this with a life time warrantee. This bike is the best in class!

2009 is going to be a very specialized year…

We have a size run of the 2009 Roubaix Comp. Reg $2600 sale $1995! Bikes are stock as displayed above.

We also have a 54cm/med and 61/xxl 2008 Roubaix Triple in sock. Reg $1650 sale $1250.

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