Posted by: collins cycle shop | February 10, 2012

Collins Cycle, Job fair

Collins Cycle Shop is Hosting a Job Fair

Collins Cycle Shop announced today that we will host a job fair for those interested in a career in the ever growing cycling industry. Employment opportunities include working in a bicycle shop, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, warehousing, mechanic school, independent sales representative, fabrication, design and more.

“We are very fortunate to have been in Eugene doing what we are passionate about for over 60 years. We are well aware of how hard it is for many of our residents to get work. Hosting this is just the right thing to do.” – Jay Loew, manager of Collins Cycle Shop.

The purpose of this event is to create a network for those interested in working in the cycling industry. Although there may not be immediate openings available, we will share resumes with employers seeking qualified help, i.e. the following:
Specialized Bicycles (Morgan Hill, CA); Giant Bicycles (Newbury Park, CA); Rolf Prima (Eugene, OR); Cyclone Bicycle Supply (Portland, OR); Seattle Bicycle Supply (Seattle, WA); Castelli Cycling Clothing (Portland, OR); Garmin (Salem, OR); KOKI bags (Hood River, OR); J&B West coast.

Those interested in job opportunities are encouraged to submit their resume to onsite HR staff, on Sunday, February 26th from 1pm-5pm. Live music provided, courtesy of Skip Jones.

Bicycles and other merchandise will be relocated temporarily in order to accommodate space for this event at Collins Cycle Shop, 60 E. 11th Avenue, Eugene. Sales will resume on February 27.

For more information, call Jay Loew at 541-342-4878

Facebook friends we need your help!
We are working hard to make this job fair as successful as possible. For that, we need you to share this information on to all your friends. We want to get jobs for as many people as we can. It’s totally free and can make a huge difference for your neighbors. They need to know about it first.
Please spread the word! Thanks!
-Collins Crew…


  1. […] Collin’s Cycle Shop held Eugene’s first bicycle job fair on Sunday February 26th. This might even be Oregon’s first bicycle job fair altogether. This was a great opportunity for people who could make it out to the fair to meet and great with some great company representatives looking for talented people to fill all sorts of positions. I don’t have the numbers, but a lot of people came to the job fair today. With gas prices going up, green culture is growing, and the over-all popularity of bicycling is increasing. Portland, Eugene, and other cities across the US are growing their bicycle industries from small bikes to big name companies. Hopefully there will be more events like this across Oregon and the US in the future. […]

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